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Bow Fabric Wall Decal by Cling™ - Flowers and Ruffles
Bow Fabric Wall Decal by Cling™ - Flowers and Ruffles
Bow Fabric Wall Decal by Cling™ - Flowers and Ruffles
flowers and ruffles

Bow Fabric Wall Decal by Cling™

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A thin, yet durable fabric that matches the wall sheen, so it is seamless and looks like it is really hand painted on the walls! This is good for impacting a room with a designer look!

Cling™ fabric wall stickers are made from an ultra premium, very re-usable, finely woven polyester fabric. It is reasonable to expect to receive it with some dents and or perhaps some creases caused during packaging and shipping.

But rest assured, due to the superior quality of the material and inherent nature of the fabric are all creases and dents only temporary. It will be gone entirely and not at all noticeable once in position, placed and smoothed on the wall.

Due to the nature of the material of the product and the water-based adhesive, can it also be expected to seem a little "loose" and not sticking on the backing paper it arrives on. Rest assured - this is normal! It is designed and intended to be that way, and once you place it on your wall, you will be very pleasantly surprised to see how well and easy it sticks to the wall and removes.

Our wall decals are a matt finish with NO PVC. This makes them perfect for children and adults alike, as they are removable and completely reusable. Simply just peel from the sheet and stick on the wall! Our stickers are non-toxic. Can be applied to almost any surface, and will not damage your walls.


Designed and made in California, USA.

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