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Fashion and Modeling Classes 2023-2024 - Flowers and Ruffles
Fashion and Modeling Classes 2023-2024 - Flowers and Ruffles

Fashion and Modeling Classes 2024

$360.00 USD

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Attention all participants,

Kindly note that for the upcoming classes, it is mandatory to wear a complete black ensemble consisting of a black t-shirt and either shorts or leggings. This dress code applies to all sessions throughout the classes duration. We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to this requirement.

Location: FR STUDIO 3303 Harbor Blvd., #D-14 Costa Mesa CA., 92626

March: Sundays 3/10,17,24/31.

Time: 9:00AM to 12:00PM 


Introducing FR MODELS LAB's exclusive 2024 Fashion and Modeling Classes for kids. Our classes every Sunday from 9:00-12:00 aim to offer a comprehensive overview of the fashion industry. The core idea is to expose children to the full spectrum of the fashion world, from the precision of design to the flair of modeling, ensuring they grasp what could ignite their future passions. Our curriculum delves deep into fashion history, analyzing iconic collections, legendary designers, and their groundbreaking pieces. Students will master the essentials of proportions, forms, and the delicate art of color combinations. Beyond the theory, we accentuate practical skills: refining photo posing techniques, mastering the catwalk, and ensuring impeccable posture. Rooted in traditional academic education and adapted for kids, our program underscores the significance of art, fashion, architecture, and painting. By understanding these interconnected domains, we believe children can grasp the dynamics of fashion and even anticipate future trends. Our vision is to immerse them in every facet of couture – be it as a fashion designer, catwalk model, photographer, and more. With a commitment to quality, we limit our intake to 15 students per class, guaranteeing personalized attention for each child. Led by seasoned coaches, top-tier designers, and adept photographers, our goal is to cultivate each child's unique potential, instilling self-love, confidence, and artistic expression in a secure environment. Embark on this transformative journey with us, where history, art, and the vast expanse of fashion converge to offer a holistic learning experience.


Comprehensive Overview: FR MODELS LAB's 2024 Fashion and Modeling Classes aim to give children an in-depth look into the entire fashion industry, uncovering potential future passions.

Broad Curriculum: Deep dives into fashion history, analyzing iconic collections and legendary designers, while mastering essentials like proportions, forms, and color dynamics.

Practical Skills: A hands-on approach ensures students refine real-world techniques, including photo posing, mastering the catwalk, and cultivating impeccable posture.

Holistic Education: Rooted in traditional academic teachings, the program blends art, fashion, architecture, and painting, tailored specifically for young learners.

Discovering All Facets: The curriculum immerses students in every aspect of couture, from design and modeling to photography, ensuring a rounded understanding.

Quality Commitment: Limited to 15 students per class, we prioritize individual attention, guided by industry experts including seasoned coaches, top-tier designers, and professional photographers.

Nurturing Environment: Beyond learning, our classes focus on instilling self-love, confidence, and artistic expression in a secure, supportive space.

After a mentored photoshoot with an internationally published  photographer, team and Anastasia, you will receive beauty and editorial images for your portfolio.

Our emphasis lies in instructing you on harnessing the power of your body and facial expressions to narrate a captivating story and evoke profound emotions.

Who can participate in FR CLASSES 2023/2024?

FR CLASSES is open to any model, regardless of gender, who is at least 4 years old. There are no requirements for previous experience at this time. If you are underaged, we recommend having a chaperone present. It is important to behave appropriately during the class, as anyone who acts inappropriately towards the Team or other models may be removed from the class without a refund.

What do I need for FR CLASSES?

To participate, you need to register using the provided link. Additionally, you should wear a black t-shirt, black shorts or leggings, and comfortable shoes. Snack and light lunch with bottle of water.

Don't miss out on this limited opportunity to invest in yourself!

By enrolling in our camp program you are therefore accepting all conditions and terms as well as releasing us from all liability and allowing the use of all materials produced at the camp program.

Terms and Condition 

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