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Mommy and Me

"Mommy and me" fashion trends

 If we talk about "mother-daughter", then family outfits in the same clothes immediately come to mind. At first sight, this is trivially, but this trend has been in fashion for several years and is most likely not going to "get out" of it. Why so? Because, firstly, it's always unusual and eye-catching. Many mothers managed to try this fashion trend on themselves; however, all the time, there are those who are interested. And fashion houses always invent something new and fresh. And ours is not an exception. Secondly, it's amusing to see the current and the future fashionista together. This unites the mother and the child, gives them another time to feel and emphasizes, that they are relatives not only inside but also outside. In this article, we will discuss the latest trends of "mommy and me," how to create the outfits and who can help with this.

 Let's suppose that you got an idea of a pair of clothes. But what if you cannot find in stores what do you want? For such situations, there were author's ateliers created, which will always take into account your wishes and deliver clothes directly to your home in time.

 As for wearing itself, to put on such outfits every day is not entirely reasonable. The child still needs to develop her own taste despite the excellent taste of the mother. And mom sometimes wants to dress in her own way, even extravagantly. We think that such a chip is beneficial for a holiday or for a particular day. For example, for many women, these are great "looks" for photoshoots. These sets are still in fashion and have already become a tradition. Indeed, almost every mother wants joint photos with her baby, where they are like two drops of water.

 The paired outfits "mommy and me" are not necessarily ruffles and bows! The style can be completely different (except for candid, of course): casual, sport, business (classic), etc. And by the way, this does not mean that it's necessary to collect the whole outfit, that it's sometimes complicated to find the same for the child. Sometimes even one everyday accessory is enough, a bright detail that instantly turns you into the whole. Everything happens in life, suddenly the right moment for a photoset, but there is no suitable clothing, or you already bought it, and delivery was delayed. By the way, we don't have such a disgrace :). Then you can solve the problem this way. And again, it can be not only lush bows or fancy hats, but these are also beautiful headbands with flowers, various clips for hairstyles, you can also use a stylish handmade choker on the neck. What is enough for your imagination, and our business is to take into account and realize everything.

 If you are confused about all this variety or prefer to follow the fashion trends, then we will consider stylish, fashionable outfits for the last year. A lot of the old collections usually go noticeably or imperceptibly into new ones, so do not worry about relevance. Plus, we would like to focus on variants, that are always win-win and timeless:


 These are the outfits when a mother looks like a queen and a daughter like a princess. Lush dresses of a gentle shade, a lot of ruffles, and a long hem. Or short absolutely identical "doll" dresses. This always delights, the girls always seem like from a picture, drawn by a talented artist. An excellent way of shooting or celebrations such as a birthday or wedding. Yes, for such outfits, you need gorgeous clothes and appropriate accessories, but we think, after a "trip" to our site, you will find many variants.


 There are cute pencil dresses or light sundresses, flying in the wind. Very handy will be a small, concise, or on the contrary unusual handbags. The hairstyle - light curls. Such an outfit is quite suitable even for everyday life, especially in the summer. The joint walks in the park or going out with your family for a picnic - it's time to show everyone how super fashionable you and the baby are!


 Recently, this style for mothers and daughters has become very popular, even the stars love to experiment and shine on the camera with their children in the same couture clothes. And since this trend is developing, it is quite logical that at the moment there are probably all possible sub-styles. As mentioned above, now it's not only bows and dresses on the floor, it's jeans, a plaid shirt, and high boots! And if you think that this will look ridiculous on a child, you are mistaken. Feel free to add a cowboy hat, and your daughter will conquer everyone around and will be the most stylish everywhere. A concert trip, for example, is an excellent option for two fashionistas to look modern and youthful, and to be "stars" is no worse than on stage.

 If we talk about the latest trends, the muted, but saturated colors are in fashion, mainly burgundy. For more refined natures, it is better to choose delicate shades of purple, especially lavender, with floral prints. Now fashion houses make almost complete copies of the dress of mom and daughter. Everything is transmitted down to the smallest detail. The creating of typical children's dress with standard patterns is fading into the background. However, you still should not choose or want to make too shocking clothes for the child. The neckline or too short skirt on the little girl will look very silly and even indecent. The best choice is still not to make carbon-copy dresses, but to let your child stand out in his own way. Suddenly, she may want to do her bit, for example, by tying a bow on her arm instead of the waist, or instead of shoes, she may want to be barefoot!

 In any case, the pair outfit of mom and daughter is primarily about family relationships and a love of fashion. Whatever it is - a photo session or a walk - it's always a great occasion to show your excellent taste and thereby instill it in your daughter. So do not hesitate, if you do not have similar photos or the experience of publication. After all, this is one of the funniest things to try with your little model. And how such a fitting and wearing of clothes amuses a child, you can't imagine! Another adventure for her memory. So, feel at home and appreciate our offers and models, you will not be indifferent. Have a nice day!



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