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Anastasia Baumel, the Creative Director of the high-end dress brand Flowers and Ruffles, was born in Russia. From an early age, Anastasia was interested in the fashion world. She used to put together collections that she created from scrap materials, and showcase them at school events. Before she knew it, her love for fashion played a bigger role in her future.


Anastasia’s fate followed her when she started university as a graphic designer while working at an architectural firm. Her experience in design led to starting a business and creating her own company after graduating. She put together a team of professionals and opened an interior design business. “I always loved creating interiors,” says Anastasia, “but to design, clothes was a passion from the heart.” She later realized that the most important hobby was creating and sewing creations.

After moving to the US, Anastasia graduated from the University of Design in Los Angeles. She started her designing process during the pregnancy of her first two children, “I sewed a lot of dresses for myself while I was pregnant, for evenings on the town or special events because the fashion choices available could not offer anything attractive or fashionable for a pregnant woman.”


After the birth of her children, the idea to create a collection of beautiful high-quality outfits for special occasions was born as well. The brand is renowned for the unique mix of feminine silhouettes with ruffles and trendy accents. It is the exclusive collection of apparel and accessories that you find today because of her desire to make fashion available for any special occasion.


Without a doubt, through the Flowers and Ruffles, you are bound to shine in any event.  Whether you arrive in a one-of-a-kind ruffled hem to a family party or capture the hearts of all your guests at your dream wedding in a heavenly gown, Flowers and Ruffles are a girl’s best friend always there to help you stand out.